Toronto Aquarium

So you’re going to Toronto, have your bags packed, your flights all set and your Toronto hotel booked… and now you need something to do, right? Well check this out:

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is an aquarium in Toronto, Ontario. The aquarium is just one of three aquariums run and owned by Ripley Entertainment. It’s situated in downtown Toronto, just south of the CN Tower. The aquarium features several aquatic displays including a walkthrough tank. The aquarium has 5.7-million litres (1.5-million gallons) of marine and freshwater habitats from across the world. The displays hold 13,500 exotic , from specimens sea and freshwater more than 450 species.

If you’re traveling to the aquarium, next to what’s now Great Wolf Lodge around 2007, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada was initially intended to be assembled, but plans fell through and Ripley relocated to Toronto. Building started having a closing price approaching $130 million on the draw in August 2011. The aquarium opened in October 2013 to the general public.

The Canadian Waters display features creatures from Canada being surrounded by each of the bodies of water. The gallery has 17 habitats. Some creatures featured in this display include: china rockfish, alewife, largemouth bass, American lobster, wolf eel, hunk fish, giant pacific octopus

The building is found on Bremner Boulevard, to the east of the CN Tower, just south of the Rogers Centre and over the road in the Roundhouse Railway Museum. The aquarium is reachable in the Union subway station utilizing the SkyWalk pedestrian path. The building doesn’t have parking of its own. Parking can be found in a number of subterranean parking garages surface and nearby parking lots. The closest highway entrance is by leaving at York Street, the Gardiner Expressway. The subterranean TRAIL path system will finally be extended to the site from the east.


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